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About Us

About Akij Cement

The 3rd November of 2002 was not only the day of inception of Akij Cement Co. Limited, but a courageous expedition of a flawless cement according to the needs of the consumers. We are evolving day by day, by the virtue that we have to manufacture products respecting consumer’s needs, which was the exemplified education given by the honorable founder of Akij group Late Sheikh Akij Uddin.

In manufacturing cement, we study the construction engineering interpretations and try to perceive the changes marked in Architecture. We cherish the consumer view to accept the change by exploring the reason behind the variable demands of consumer. On behalf of Akij cement, we always support the research and use modern technologies for enhancing construction sector. We have observed that positive and responsible attitude towards product manufacturing is the main impulsion to protect consumer’s right.

Akij Cement has multiplied its capacity in many folds by earning customer satisfaction with quality product. Akij Cement Company Ltd has no compromise with quality and bestowed upon client’s satisfaction and premium services towards clients.
Akij Cement Company Limited has its dedicated raw material delivery channel and distribution channel welly oriented to aid uninterrupted production and delivery service. In Bangladesh Akij Cement Company Ltd. Has introduced fully automatic grinding machine from world class LOESCHE - the pioneer in VRM Technology. VRM technology aims at fine and well-proportioned cement blend. We prefer Slag to Fly-Ash to attain world-class cement- free form any Environmental threats. This slag based cement not only assures Strong concrete but also long life of concrete made structures at any weather condition in Bangladesh.

  • Akij Cement Company Ltd has a strong supply chain with a very well-planned distribution network to assure door to door supply of cement to the clients.
  • All these quality and venture of Akij Cement Company Ltd has made us one of the most emerging cement brands in Bangladesh.

We cherish the mentality to accept the changes by exploring the reason behind the variable demands of consumers. On behalf of Akij Cement, we always support the traditional use of cement as well as the research for enhancing construction technologies. From handmade cement to the world’s latest VRM technology, we have observed that positive and responsible attitude towards product manufacturing is the main impulsion of protecting consumer right. Akij Cement Company Ltd. is slowly going ahead giving its innumerable consumers a message that compromise would never be a word for us.

Our Vision

“To be the best in Quality, Trust & Services in Cement Industry as a trendsetter.”

Our Mission

“To actively contribute to the social and economic development of Bangladeshi Communities in which we operate. In so doing, build a better, sustainable way of life for the weaker sections of society and raise the country’s human development index.”