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November 3, 2002, marked not only the founding day of Akij Cement Company Ltd. but also a determined journey to manufacture the best quality cement in accordance with customer demands.

Akij Cement Company Limited is currently considered a strategic business unit under Akij Resources Limited. We are the first in Bangladesh to implement vertical roller mill technology to provide home builders with the highest quality cement available. Akij Cement stands apart from other brands in Bangladesh thanks to its bold decision to employ slag as one of the key ingredient components instead of fly ash.

In manufacturing cement, we study the construction engineering interpretations and try to perceive the changes marked in architecture. Akij Cement cherishes the consumer view of accepting change by exploring the reasons behind the variable demands of the consumer. We always support research and use modern technologies to enhance the construction sector.

We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering premium services, satisfying clients, and maintaining the highest caliber of standards. For more than 21 years, individual home builders have recognized Akij Cement Company Limited as a trustworthy brand because of its unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality products available.

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About Akij Resources Limited

Akij Resources Limited, also known as ARL, was founded in April 2020 to provide clients with the best possible products and services by implementing creative and distinctive business models and fostering continuous development.

The name Akij represents reliability and trust when it comes to excellent-quality products, and Akij Resources Limited is no exception. Under the visionary leadership of Sheikh Jasim Uddin, ARL is carrying on the legacy of the late Sheikh Akijuddin by upholding standards and continuously integrating innovative ideas and state-of-the-art technology into each business unit with the goal of bettering society overall.

Akij Resources Limited has run a number of businesses through inheritance and fresh endeavors, including sectors such as software, IT, BPO, building materials, food commodities, fertilizer, poly fiber bags, shipping, and travel solutions. The strong presence in the building materials industry is particularly noticeable, as they have dominated the Bangladesh market over the last 21 years.